Strategy & planning

Successful communication requires a clear strategy, solid programming and target-oriented campaigns. The key to success lays in the focus on the big picture, expertise and experience, the right tools, foresight and good timing.

Media relations

In addition to relevant stories and engaging content, successful media relations also require a strong network and experience in dealing with journalists. We handle product, corporate, brand and crisis PR as well as personality PR for our clients.

Influencer Relations

There is one big difference between traditional media and advocates: budget.

While media report independently at best, content involvement by influencers is associated with additional budget or barter deals (the free exchange of product and media performance). However, high performance requires experience and the right intuition.

Social Media & Community Management

The social media age is magical for branders; it allows us to capture immediate responses to campaigns and get feedback on our brand directly from our target audiences – all without much latency. However, for a holistic picture of how our brands are perceived, we need the right tools to scan relevant platforms around the clock.

Crisis communication

The first commandment of crisis communication is: Always have a plan for the worst case in the drawer.
This is the only way to master crises with confidence.

We support our clients in preventing crises, keeping a cool head in critical moments and managing communication to avoid purely reactive communication.

Speaking Opportunity

A brand lives not only from the perception of its end customers, but also from its perception in relevant focus industries. Selected events such as trade fairs, summits, round tables and keynote speeches provide good platforms for establishing or strengthening thought leadership and positioning oneself as an expert.


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