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Welcome to our boutique PR agency for soul-tech, lifestyle & more!

We have been supporting global brands and startups alike for over 15 years. Through strategic communications consulting, operational PR, and relevant marketing activities, we actively and sustainably strengthen our clients’ brand awareness, thought leadership, and sales growth.



Build The Basics

Always be prepared: Defining the target groups, developing key messages and storylines, and creating relevant content are crucial preparations for success.


Execute Excellence

To achieve success in PR, it is essential to provide the right content in the right format, to the appropriate target groups, at the right time, and through the most suitable channels. And that’s what we do.


Review & Optimize

Consistently analyzing the presence in analog, digital, and linear media, along with social engagement, enables continuous optimization of the strategy. As a result, the performance of PR continually increases.


PR & Advocacy

A clear strategy, robust programming, and targeted campaigns are essential elements for successful communication. It is crucial to concentrate on the big picture, utilizing the appropriate tools, possessing foresight, and having good timing.

  • Strategy Development & Agenda Setting
  • Campaign development
  • Program planning
  • Activity planning incl. Content, timing, channels and budget

In addition to relevant stories and engaging content, successful media relations also require a strong network and experience in dealing with journalists. We handle product, B2B, corporate, brand, crisis and personality PR for our clients.

  • Press office
  • Creation & distribution of press releases
  • Pitching signature stories
  • Placing interviews
  • Gift guide management
  • Press events

There is one big difference between traditional media and advocates: budget.

While media report independently at best, content involvement by influencers is associated with additional budget or barter deals (the free exchange of product and media performance). However, high performance requires experience and the right intuition.

  • Influencer mapping
  • Request, negotiation and management of collaborations
  • Performance evaluation

The social media age is magical for branders; it allows us to capture immediate responses to campaigns and get feedback on our brand directly from our target audiences – all without much latency. However, for a holistic picture of how our brands are perceived, we need the right tools to scan relevant platforms around the clock.

  • Creation of social media guidelines
  • Development of editorial plans
  • Preparation and upload of social posts
  • Community management
  • Analysis & Reporting

The first commandment of crisis communication is: Always have a plan for the worst case in the drawer. This is the only way to master crises with confidence.

We support our clients in preventing crises, keeping a cool head in critical moments and managing communication to avoid purely reactive communication.

  • Analysis crisis potential 
  • Preparation for worst case scenarios 
  • Definition of internal processes and information chains that guarantee rapid response in the event of a crisis 
  • Identification and briefing of spokespeople 
  • 24/7 availability in the crisis retainer 
  • Communication guideline for employees 
  • Crisis evaluation & learnings

The perception of a brand in relevant industries is just as important as its perception by end customers, as both contribute to the overall life of the brand. Participating in selected events such as trade fairs, summits, round tables, and keynote speeches can serve as excellent platforms to establish or reinforce thought leadership and position oneself as an expert.

  • Identification of relevant industry events 
  • Pitch from selected Spokes People 
  • Negotiation of contract conditions 
  • Briefing of the presenters 
  • Support in the creation of talking points, speeches and presentations 
  • Communication plan & implementation 


Value-based partnerships that are strategically formed can lead to new opportunities and access to previously untapped target groups. We provide support throughout the entire value creation process, starting from the initial idea, through operational assistance, and culminating in the evaluation of the collaboration.

  • Idea generation & strategic planning
  • Partner Mapping & Management
  • Creation of briefings & guidelines
  • Content control
  • Campaign activation

By forming strategic media partnerships, it is possible to authentically support the PR program and generate additional attention for the product, brand, or company in a meaningful way. But not all attention pays into your own OKRs/KPIs. Each investment, such as native advertising, guest posts, advertorials, or sponsorships, should be continually reassessed and evaluated by professionals in terms of its strategic impact and objectives.

  • Media selection
  • Cooperation management

Not only seasonal, well-planned campaigns can help to increase awareness within target groups and ensure more interaction with the brand. We provide support from brainstorming and campaign management to the final evaluation.

  • Campaign planning & implementation
  • Communication & Activation with C2A
  • Performance evaluation

A strong network can turn out to be a valuable catalyst. We are happy to make our large network available to our customers, bringing them together with the right partners and thus creating new opportunities and synergies.

Our network consists of:

  • Creative Directors
  • Photo & Video Producers
  • Exciting Brands & Companies
  • Coaches


Reliability in communication is the key to getting through the media jungle with confidence. And that requires the right partner to handle the communication in a reliable, trustworthy and professional manner. For starters, however, trusted consultancy and supportive advice might often be enough.

  • Campaign development
  • Program planning
  • Change processes
  • Regular reporting
  • Strategy development
  • Crisis communication

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For over 15 years, we have been supporting our clients from a wide range of industries with high-performance product, brand and corporate communications.

Together, we sharpen core messages, develop relevant stories, and play them in the right content formats in the right channels to the right media contacts and social communities.

This is how we generate revenue-relevant media presence in analog, digital & linear media as well as social engagement within relevant target groups. This strengthens our customers’ brands along the entire marketing funnel – from initial contact to repeat purchase.

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